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Team day out at the various Oxford Art Venues

The MA program conducted a field trip with our MA leader Geraint Evans to Oxford to visit a number of museums and art venues including the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, History of Science Museum, Ashmolean Museum, and the Modern Art Oxford.  The trip was to allow us to get exposure to a great number of artists, styles and genres in the city of higher education.


The trip stimulated the exchange of cultural information among the members of the MA program and allowed me to become more professionally familiar with the classmates outside the standard classroom environment.   Geraint is a great personality, immensely contributed to creating a great team feeling and added valuable insights to the numerous art works that we viewed throughout the day.  Truly an intense and memorable day that ended with a relaxing debriefing at the local fine pub previously frequented by former President Bill Clinton during his days at Oxford. 

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