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Critical Self-Analysis

Although I inherit inspiration and influence from a number of great artists featured within the Inspiration page, most notably Matisse, Munch and Doig are ever present in each brushstroke and works of my practice.    It is with in-depth research about these artists and about the chronology of dance that has progressed my practice over the past months.    Edvard Munch inspired with his methodologies, ideas, mood and colours.  Whereas, Matisse with his brilliant and masterful use of colours that are clearly evident in my colourful works.  Finally, Doig provides the style, sensibility, in-depth notions and overall theme of humans in nature, which contributed greatly to my selection of the meddling of dance into nature.  Additionally, there is a requirement to analyse actual dance by actually viewing and participating in various dance styles. 


Initially, it was the one-to-one tutorials that lead me to advance in the appropriate paths, which allow me to uncover and discover art knowledge assisting me to evolve and progress.   These one-to-one tutorials, along with the other lectures and workshop, provided key clues in helping me with references and artworks that may contribute to my theme and program development.    Before this course, I would not have thought of concentrating on one theme or even whether this selected genre had any depth of scope or horizon.   My theme is Nature and Dance, which is a body of work that I, for some time, endeavoured and desired to comprehensively develop.    


It was the course and the professor’s critical comments to delve deeper into the subject matter that pushed me towards positive self-assurance that I am developing as an artist.   I acknowledge that this is a continuous evolution and look forward to further progression with further advice and direction from the professional staff.


Critically looking at the initial phases, I believe my views have been greatly expanded through exposures provided by professors, lecturers, workshops and colleagues of this degree program.   This was important to understand the wide range of the subject and theme, but it is necessary to concentrate the efforts and fine-tune a smaller area and a more refined body of work.


Progressing through the months towards the end of this program, I visibly see immense progress and am continually evolving as an artist.  I have selected a specific period of focus looking mainly at contemporary artists and dancers thereby looking to progress on their influences but in a different direction.  I have narrowed the scope of the work by period and environment to be more focused on creating a unique identity, style and genre by creating a series of works looking at the movements and background.   


Although there is always further room for progression, I feel the initial objectives under this program have been accomplished and I have been able to develop an original theme and style that I can uniquely identify to me.  





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