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Statement of Practice and Research

In the colourful vibrancy of my painting, I develop a stylistic identity that expresses my inner thoughts and feelings about painting and dance. The emotive, physicality and theatricality of dance is foregrounded as figures perform in both natural and staged surroundings. The Romanian, Austrian and UK cultures along with numerous travel experiences of my past come together by revisiting the way indigenous peoples have variously used bodily movements and music to tell stories. Exploring the dynamics between dancing and painting, I hope to explore a more holistic, spiritual and mindful state of being.  


What emerges is a visual language through which the interrelations of body, dancing and landscape can be usefully articulated.  I consider choreographic methodologies and the way historical and contemporary rituals are manifested in dance. In reworking and recreating these through painting practice, I attempt to reveal new perspectives on how we live today.  The large, richly textured artworks immerse the viewer in an erotic nexus of pigment and energy. This supports my long-term aspirations for creating conducive backdrops and environments in which dancers and audiences can interact and become somehow conjoined. 





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