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Claudia was born in Romania and relocated to Vienna in her twenties. A recent graduate of the MA Painting Degree at Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL and she has spent past years exhibiting at various galleries and museums in Austria, Romania and in UK (London).

As an artist, she started painting, charged by the creativity in the movement that she felt when adding colour to the large canvas format. Focusing on every stroke and detail added to her work, she observes the unfolding transformation of a blank canvas to an atmosphere, view, and emotion when abstract.

The preferred large canvas format offers the viewer a window to another state, place or emotion and provides the sense of freedom that she feels can be seen in her work.

Created using oil paint, she explores different subjects: expansive dreamscapes, vibrant exotic nature, and the freedom of open coastal/ocean views; combined with scenes involving ballet/ dance and the movement of people in the view of the artist.

The colour changing play of light, people and landscapes offers the viewer the sense of time standing still and creates a particular atmosphere when displayed.


In many cases, she lets her feelings guide her without consciously knowing what the next move will be - surrendering herself to the moment and letting it show her the way. When observing visual scenery in front of the artist, she allows the inner voice to guide her. Adoring the feeling, sense and flow of a wonderful energy passing through her when involved in the painting process.




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