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Claudia Kusznirczuk is a professional artist/painter employing the classic oil and acrylic techniques.   Although initial attempts at art started in Romania, it was later after moving to Vienna, Austria that Claudia further developed her innate talents and love of Art.  Claudia completed a MA Painting degree at the University of Arts London (Wimbledon College of Arts) in 2019.


Experimenting with a number of techniques and genres, Claudia quickly grew to love and paint on large format canvas.  Painting in the classical style, the larger format creates its own particular ambiance, interpretation and effect when hung in large open spaces.   Wide open spaces and nature’s abound are of utmost importance to her inspiration, expression and views within her work.

The images created using oil on canvas, include different natural subjects such landscapes favouring tropical or exotic nature, particularly Claudia’s adoration of coastal, sea and ocean settings previously visited by the artist over the years.

The paintings are characterised and filled with spontaneity and brilliant bursts of colour  in highlighting a scene, figure or site mostly possible on major image formats, allowing the viewer to take in a great expanse of richly coloured landscape while drawing the viewer’s attention to their own fascinating spot on the picture.   The rich variety, exchange and interplay of colours combined with a play of shades of light, intermingling of figures and landscapes in various states of emotion set the mood and offer the viewer a calming state and charm of time standing still while the eyes hungrily consume the brilliance of the art.

The original reason for Claudia’s passion for art was the feeling of serenity combined with ability to be expressive and creative in her own view and perception of the world.   When adding colours to a white canvas, Claudia indicates that she loses sense of time when painting, and often focuses on every stroke and detail of colour; 

“I layer my paintings each time carefully observing how this blank canvas transforms and generates an array of emotions.  I love painting on large canvas, because it feels like a wide open window to another dimension and place.

It gives me the sense of freedom in my creativity.  I let my feelings guide me without consciously knowing what will be the next stroke. I surrender myself to the moment and let it show me the way.  At times when I have a certain mental or visual image in front of me, I still let the inner voice guide me. I adore the feeling and sense of the flow of a wonderful energy go through me when I am involved in my painting.

I hope this feeling reflects itself to those who see and appreciate my work.“



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